Near Infrared spectroscopy


The ZEUTEC Opto-Elektronik GmbH was primarily founded with the objective to develop and produce specialized spectrometer systems for scientific applications. Since then the product range of spectrometers and accessories covers NearInfrared analyzers for routine laboratory applications with a multitude of accessories for the sample conditioning and presentation. Dedicated analytical solutions are available for agricultural and industrial applications which are sold in the industrial market all over the world.



spectraalyzer food 2.0

The SpectraAlyzer 2.0 - food is a fast and compact Near Infrared analyzer for production monitoring and quality control of raw materials and finished products. It enables the simultaneous determination of properties such as moisture, protein, sugar, alcohol, oil content in food, the production monitoring of fat, moisture, crude fiber, starch, and protein content in the feed industry (green feed, feed raw materials, mixed feed) and much much more.

The universal drawer accepts sample cups for liquids, pastes and powders. The optional rotating cup drawer is useful when presenting granular inhomogeneous products e.g. meat, grains or fibers.

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spectraalyzer 2.0 top window

The SpectraAlyzer Top Window Rotating is the ideal solution for flour and
powdered samples. Based on the same reliable optical NIR technology developed for the SpectraAlyzer basic and premium instruments, the Top Window version is more flexible in accepting different samples.

The optical sample interface is located on top of the instrument making the sample presentation an easy task - even allowing presentation of unpacked material which can be placed in a glass cup on top of the optical window. During the analysis the glass cup automatically rotates to further improve the performance of the analysis by averaging multiple sample views.

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spectraalyzer grain

The SpectraAlyzer grain is a Near-InfraRed spectrometer which is dedicated to analyze the composition of samples using the near infrared absorbance characteristics of the sample spectra. It is suitable for the compositional analysis of a wide variety of food products like grains, cereals, oil seeds and flour. All possible parameters of e.g. grain products, such as protein, moisture, oil, ash, hardness and water absorption can be analyzed simultaneously.

The sample is top filled directly into the sample cell of the SpectraAlyzer grain, there is no need for grinding or other sample preparation at all. An automatic path length adjustment enables the user to quickly analyse a multitude of whole grain samples. 

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spectraalyzer 2.0 olive

The SpectraAlyzer olive is the ideal solution for fast quality evaluation of olives during growth, harvesting and processing. The SpectraAlyzer as a part of an olive analyzer package provides accurate measurements of moisture and oil content in fruit, oil, pomace and extracted press cake within seconds. Some of the parameters determined are moisture, oil and fat content, peroxid number and acidity.

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