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Mycotoxins are toxic substances naturally produced by molds (fungi) that may contaminate agricultural commodities by growing on grain or feed. These molds result in a variety of dangerous mycotoxins, such as aflatoxin, fumonisin, deoxynivalenol (DON), ochratoxin, and zearalenone—some of which are known human carcinogens. 

VICAM offers a Varity of detection tests that can be fit in all applications, from simple rapid field tests to AOAC approved tests using VICAM immuniaffinty columns that can be used with VICAM Series-4EX Fluorometer or Mini Fluorometer.





Series-4EX fluorometer

The VICAM Series-4EX Fluorometer accurately measures down to extremely low PPT concentrations of mycotoxins in samples prepared using VICAMís columns. Expanded data storage capacity allows for storage of all the VICAM mycotoxin test protocols and calibration levels, as well as up to 200 test results. Stored testing protocols provide for a digital readout in PPM, PPB, PPT, mg/kg, μg/kg, or ng/kg concentration units without requiring any conversion.

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Vertu Strip reader

VICAM's Vertu lateral flow reader provides fast, easy and quantitative mycotoxin screening. The Vertu reader provides more accessible mycotoxin testing to food and agriculture producers worldwide who rely on early detection to protect humans and animals from potentially lethal effects of contamination.

Digital readings are clearly displayed on the screen of the Vertu Lateral Flow Reader, eliminating any guesswork about the results.

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Columns and strips

VICAM's Qualitative Strip Tests deliver fast, accurate, on-the-spot results in as little as 3 minutes. This inexpensive testing protocol can be used with a variety of samples and requires no special training or equipment.

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